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The Raccons

My experience in The Racoons hackathon 2023 To start off, this was a hackathon hosted by the Latvia University Computer Faculty student council with the support of sponsors and partners. While it was meant for high school and university students, there were others “of age” there that participated. The experience in the event outside of hacking The food at the venue was plenty but the location could have been better as the nearest large store was quite a bit away, that staff were amazing to us (the participants) and the judges and mentors were very friendly....

October 24, 2023 · 3 min · 596 words · Jake
Cover for the light and dark theme post

Dark and Light Themes

Among other trends in the web and tech world, dark mode nad generally websites using a dark theme is one of the most prominent. While there are many resources on why you should create a dark colour mode for your website and or app, I’d like to explore the idea of it being the main color choice, or even the only one, in your web app. Pros of dark mode to consider it when making your web app Information, when displayed on a dark background is much faster precieved the on a light one, so for example if your app incorporates many graphs, text that is not meant to be read in detail, or moving parts it can be very beneficial to make the background dark....

October 23, 2023 · 3 min · 508 words · Jake